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Microfiction Masterclass with Meg Pokrass
Online Workshop
June 22-26, 2021

Meg and Kathryn are back as a teaching team by popular demand! Enrollment limited. In this small, intensive online course you’ll create 5 microfiction pieces in 5 days with Meg Pokrass and Kathryn Kulpa. This is a prompt-driven workshop entirely co-taught. All of your micros will receive helpful feedback from both instructors (as well as peer feedback). The class will be conducted in a private Facebook group with a (optional) Zoom prompt group on the last day. Cost is $185. To enroll, please pay for the class through Paypal: here. Let us know by email as soon as you have enrolled. When the enrollment is full, the class link will be taken down.
SOLD OUT – Watch for future offerings of this class!

Cleaver Workshops–Flash Bootcamp
Online Workshops
Four weekend sessions in June & July:
June 4 – 6;  June 18 – 20
July 9 – 11;  July 23 – 25
$150 for one session; $275 for two sessions; $375 for three Sessions; $425 for all four sessions.

*Get focused!* *Get motivated!* *Get writing!*
This generative mini-workshop is designed for busy writers who need to carve out some writing time to generate new work, and who crave deadlines and accountability to stay motivated. This class combines writing prompt “homework” you do on your own with group writing and discussion sessions. In just three days (Friday through Sunday), you will have six new micro-stories ready to revise! Register through Submittable.

Best Microfiction 2021
WINNER of the Bronze Medal for a book series in the 2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Pelekinisis Press, 248 pages
Series Editor: Meg Pokrass; Editor: Gary Finke
Guest Editor: Amber Sparks
Best Microfiction 2021

Forthcoming July 10, 2022

“In only a few years, Best Microfiction has established itself as one of the most exciting anthologies of new fiction. If short stories are airplanes, the tiny miracles in this collection are hummingbirds.” –James Tate Hill, author of Blind Man’s Bluff

“Amber Sparks’ introduction is a gauntlet thrown down as she cites inspiration and bravery as the defining attributes of the brilliant stories in Best Microfictions 2021. The pulse of these microfictions is operating at the speed of light, the fever a white heat of sound.” –Pamela Painter, author of Fabrications

Purchase a copy at Pelekinesis Press.

Best Microfiction 2020
Pelekinisis Press, 219 pages
Series Editor: Meg Pokrass; Editor: Gary Finke
Guest Editor: Michael Martone

The Best Microfiction anthology series provides recognition for outstanding literary stories of 400 words or fewer.

“One crucial thing that was missing in the world until recently? A single place to celebrate all of the wondrous and wonderful bigness of the tiniest of stories. Much gratitude for Best Microfiction.” –Grant Faulkner, executive director of National Novel Writing Month

“Short, sharp, funny, and sometimes dark. Penguins, too. The microfictions in Best Microfiction 2020 are compressed works of wondrous delight.” –Marcy Dermansky, author of Very Nice

Purchase a copy at Pelekinesis Press.

Girls on Film
Paper Nautilus Press, 33 pages

2015 Vella Chapbook Award Winnergirls-on-film-cover_sat

“Girls on Film is a flash fiction collection delving into our obsession with celebrity and image. Limiting herself to under one-thousand words per story, author Kathryn Kulpa produces a rich hybrid of short story and poetry, abundant with imagery and dense in lyricism.”
South Coast Almanac

“With wit, pathos, and fresh insight, Kulpa captures the essence of American young-womanhood in eight loosely connected flash portraits. Each story is a small world, lean as a haiku and powerful as a novel.”
–Karen Rile, founding editor, Cleaver Magazine

Read more at the publisher’s site.
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Pleasant Drugs: Stories
Mid-List Press, 219 Pages

Pleasant Drugs by Kathryn Kulpa“[Kathryn Kulpa] has crafted the 15 stories of her debut collection with an archivist’s keen eye and a native New Englander’s emotional thrift.” –Publishers Weekly

Pleasant Drugs will not numb your senses; rather, it will sharpen and refine them, each potent story honing in on that slice of life between grief and joy.“–Ami Zensius, Mills Quarterly

“The author has many kinds of stories to tell, but all are character-driven and as finely cut as gemstones. An exemplar of the short story.”–Kliatt

Purchase a copy at Amazon.

“What the Selkies Know”
Atlas and Alice, Issue 16 (2020)

What the Selkies Know

“Some of us slip from our land homes at night and wander, drawn to rivers and seas. Others spend hours with their faces pressed to the fish tank, dreaming like a suburban housewife touring a model home.”

Read more at Atlas and Alice.


“Knock,” Women’s Studies Quarterly
Vol. 48, Nos. 1 & 2, Spring/Summer 2020

Women's Studies Quarterly

“I think of him in black and white. In a postwar world still clearing away its rubble, not quite ready to step into glorious Technicolor. I think of him knockingly, if knockingly is the word I want. … His sharp, questing chin. His foot in your door. All he needs is a moment of your time. All he needs is a chance.”

Purchase a copy through The Feminist Press
ISBN: 9781936932924
Publication Date: 05-12-2020