Remember Those Fabulous 90s?

My flash memoir “Dial-Up Days” is featured in the January 2015 issue of Carbon Culture Review.

Kurt n Kitten

Kurt Cobain and friend, 1990s.


Once there was a Blockbuster on every corner, and from every radio Kurt Cobain sang about teen spirit. But Kurt was no longer a teenager at the time, and neither was I. We were a generation waiting to be named, a weak signal of discontent arcing our way across analog airwaves into a digital wilderness.

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About Kathryn

Kathryn Kulpa is a winner of the Vella Chapbook Contest for her flash fiction collection Girls on Film (Paper Nautilus). She is also the author of a short story collection, Pleasant Drugs (Mid-List Press) and a microfiction chapbook, Who's the Skirt? (Origami Poems Project). As a two-legged being, she is in the minority in her household.

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