The Call of the Changeling

I’m honored to have been chosen as one of two winners of Bracken Magazine’s flash fiction contest. My story, “Path of Stones,” was the finalist and is published in the current issue of Bracken.

The story is part of the “Black Bread Lake” story cycle, some loosely connected tales I’ve been working on, based on a lost town in rural Rhode Island. “From A Short History of Black Bread Lake” was published in a past issue of Literary Orphans, and “How to Find Your Way to Black Bread Lake” is forthcoming in Jellyfish Review.

As a young teen, I had a series of nightmares in which I found out that I came from some mysterious “folk in the hills”–fairies or goblins–and would be called back to them. I don’t remember a lot of the details of those dreams, but the sense of waiting and listening in the dark inspired this story. Thank you to Gwendolyn Kiste for choosing it!

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