Of Cows and Shadows

I’m happy to make a second appearance in The Cabinet of Heed, an Irish lit mag, with my flash “Jessie: A Pastoral.” This story was inspired by some family research on Ancestry–and yes, this is the same Jessie whose three husbands we met in my flash triptych, Jessie’s Life in Three Surnames, which was part of a special feature in New Flash Fiction Review.

Jessie’s mother always called the cows “my ladies.”

Read the rest of the story at The Cabinet of Heed.

“Jessie” is the second story I’ve had published this week. The first was “Long Shadows,” published in Pithead Chapel, and inspired by a photograph. I find visual images, like old photos and postcards, really compelling and often use them as writing prompts.

Max was never mean.

Read the rest of the story at Pithead Chapel.

Long Shadows

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