Spring Updates

Recent Publications

My two most recently published stories have a very different path to publication. “Historic Preservation,” a micro published in the Irish magazine The Cabinet of Heed, grew out of a writing prompt that took an unexpected turn. I submitted it right after writing it–something I almost never do–and it got accepted right away. Isn’t it magical when that happens?

Historic Preservation
It’s the hours after lunch that make you think about cell death. There’s a word for it, you looked it up: apoptosis.

“A Key into the Language of the Dead,” a longer story, took nearly three years from first draft to publication, with many revisions along the way. But it was worth the wait–it found a wonderful home at the Arizona State University journal Superstition Review, where my story “Child Star” was also published.

Events & Workshops

I’m getting ready for Writefest 2019: a flash fiction workshop and a mini workshop on integrating elements of magical realism into fiction. While I’m there, I’m looking forward to meeting some friends from Spider Road Press and getting my first taste of Texas, which I imagine is as different from Rhode Island as it’s possible to be.

Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, I’m leading a Veterans Writing Group along with the wonderful Jane Granatino, reference librarian at the Barrington Public Library. I love seeing the stories–and the personal connections–that are growing out of this workshop!

I was invited back to Wheaton College for a reading and a mini-workshop helping senior creative writing majors get ready for their senior reading, which I also had a chance to attend. I love that this small school does so much to foster the arts!

Along with teaching, I’ve got lots of new writing projects in progress, too. I just finished another Flashathon writing marathon and wrote 8 stories in one day (and one the day after), so I’ll have a lot of revision to keep me busy.

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