The Monday Prompt, #2

Rainy Days and Mondays

How are all of you doing out there? Are you writing? I know I’ve been having a hard time focusing, tuning out the rest of the world to get into that state of creative flow. Living through a pandemic can do that to you!

I miss my writing group. I miss the days when writing about dystopian futures meant writing fantasy. But I’m still going to keep up posting a new writing prompt every Monday. Some will be words, some will be pictures, and some will be specific writing challenges.

No deadline, no pressure. Use these on your own, however you like. I hope they provide some inspiration!

This week’s prompt: Write a short prose piece OR a poem that begins with a line (or fragment of a line) from a song lyric.
Also incorporate the following:
– A word having to do with rain (could be rain, rainy, storm, cloud, etc.)
– A day of the week
– A type of fabric

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