Month of Stories – Part 1

I’ve always loved fall and the sense of renewed energy and creativity it brings. This October, I have several new stories coming out in different journals.

“Breach” made its debut in 3Elements Literary Review. The story grew out of a writing prompt supplied by this quarterly journal, which asks writers to incorporate three words into a poem or story. Issue No. 16 features the words peppermint, breach, and scale. To see how they’re used in the story, download a free copy of the journal here.

Accidentally Like a Luddite“Accidentally Like a Luddite” was published in Atticus Review, a journal I’ve admired for its strong flash fiction. I’ve worked on versions of this story for a while. It’s close to my heart, and I’m so glad it’s found the perfect home. You can read it here.

More stories are coming soon–in Pinball and Jellyfish Review.

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