Flash Fiction Boot Camp

Do you sometimes need a push to get writing? I do, especially in this time of quarantine, when normal life structures have been lifted. I find it helpful to have deadlines, prompts, and someone to hold me accountable. That’s why … Continue reading

Stories & Workshops & Conferences, Oh My!

Lots of writing news lately–so much that I’ve been too busy to post it. But now that I can peek my head out from under the pile of work… First, and most exciting: I’ve been invited to be a visiting … Continue reading


A Month of Goats and Monkeys (and Downtown Turkeys)

So April was National Poetry Month, and as busy as it always is.

Downtown Turkey owns this sidewalk.

Downtown Turkey owns this sidewalk.

I visited Falmouth Public Library for two days of teen writing workshops and met this well-mannered turkey strutting his stuff downtown. As usual, my students inspired me, and I started a new flash fiction story.

I took part in Goat Hill Writers Workshop-Palooza! event, a daylong feast of writing workshops, in Providence and led two flash fiction workshops. Oh, and finished that story, and wrote another new story!



I visited De La Salle Middle School, also in Providence, through the RI Writers in the Schools program (thanks, Tina Cane–you are the best!) and spent a spirited hour with some talented seventh-grade writers, doing erasure poetry based on a Prince song, a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird, and an encyclopedia entry about mourning doves.

And I finished the month with a new publication, “The Last Thing She Wore,” in Monkeybicycle.

Next month: more work on my forthcoming chapbook, Girls on Film, and rejuvenation and renewal at Morning Garden Writers’ Retreat!